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Don't be shilly

If you believe something will happen, you should act accordingly. Whether the expected outcome is good or bad, there’s almost always something you can do to prepare. Invest, spend your time wisely, learn something, etc.

But you can’t be 100% certain about what will happen in the future (or at least about when it will happen). Even the most certain things can’t truly be 100% guaranteed (there’s always that 0.00..01% chance of catastrophe). So, as you prepare for the outcomes you expect, consider the probability of other outcomes.

Example: if you believe there’s a 50% chance of worldwide flooding destroying everything in your lifetime, invest in both the stock market and a raft.

But what about how your beliefs impact the people around you? Shouldn’t you also encourage your friends to at least own a lifejacket?

In this case, you don’t have anything to gain from your friend’s preparations, so even if it seems a bit strange to have a grown man yelling at you about personal flotation devices, you don’t suspect he’s trying to scam you.

Not so with crypto. I believe Koin is going to be valuable, so I’ve bought some. But when I tell you to buy some, I stand to gain from that. Now my motives are unclear. You can’t trust me because I could just be trying to scam you.

The most I can do is encourage you to research it. I’m not willing to just shill this token to pump the value. I want people who care about decentralization to learn about it and use it well.

Flood’s coming.


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