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Developers, developers, developers

General purpose blockchains are networks of networks.

This is because the "general purpose" part means support for smart contracts. By allowing anyone to deploy and run any code they want, you've created a platform for developers to build dapps with their own communities (aka networks).

For this kind of blockchain, token holders who aren't developers are really users of dapps (or possibly just speculators who won't use anything). Once you hold the blockchain's token, you'll probably join multiple sub-networks (read: use dapps).

So, how do you effectively market and grow this kind of blockchain?

If you just want to pump the price, cast a wide net. Run advertisements on the subway, buy a superbowl ad, etc.

If you want to actually build a thriving network, target developers. Developers will build dapps which attract their own networks. Some of those new users will join the broader network and fuel the overall network growth.

This is a much more effective way to spend your time and money for marketing. Help developers build sustainable businesses with vibrant communities. You need to nurture these "atomic networks" to fuel growth of the entire blockchain. When they succeed, everyone succeeds.


P.S. This is a follow up to this message about network effects from a couple days ago.