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🪖 D-DAY for Koinos and BurnKoin!

That's right! It's decentralization day!

Today marks 1 month of successful operation of the Koinos blockchain mainnet! As promised by the Koinos Group, the system smart contracts were locked down today. This means, no one has centralized control of the network. Any upgrades or bug fixes at this point must be executed via governance.

Similarly, we locked down the burnkoin.com addresses so that they can’t be misused and the contracts can’t be modified. You can now deposit your Koin and VHP into the pool knowing that the only way to access those funds is with your wallet holding the pVHP tokens issued by the pool.

In short, both the Koinos network and the BurnKoin dApp are now fully decentralized and trustless!

Thank you for your support and trust in this first month. We are excited to continue operating the burn pool for our depositors for years to come.


P.S. Future, regular communication about the pool will be limited to @burnkoin on Twitter and the #burnkoin channel on the Koinos discord. This email list will only be used in exceptional cases or when the pool serves to illustrate some broader point.