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Choose one: easy or profitable

I ran a poll on Twitter recently, and the results surprised me. The question was simple enough, but intentionally shared without context.

If you had to choose... simple interface? or higher profit?

What would you choose?

Obviously, your decision depends a lot on your personal situation, the kind of app/service/product you're currently thinking about, your patience level, technical ability, etc.

Despite that, I expected profit to win by a mile given most of the people I connect with on Twitter are already involved with cryptocurrency (which isn't particularly simple and is largely about profit).

Surprisingly, 11/20 votes were for a simple interface.

So, for whatever you're building, keep this in mind. You can have the best possible game idea, the best possible investment returns, or the best of everything. If your system is bloated and complex... If your app is difficult to understand... If your controls are counterintuitive... you're going to lose people.

People first.


P.S. What do you think? Was this result surprising or am I missing something obvious?