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Blockchain Accessibility Bootcamp

I'm starting a new series tomorrow: Blockchain Accessibility Bootcamp (BAB).

Over the next 6 newsletters, I'll be addressing:

  1. How to think about accessibility on blockchain
  2. Working around gas fees
  3. Handling wallets
  4. How to think about your role in a peer-to-peer environment
  5. Why you shouldn't sacrifice decentralization
  6. Resources to help you start building

This series is largely targeted at full stack web developers, so if you have a friend who can build a website and is curious about building on web3, send this their way.

Disclaimer: when it comes to building, we'll be working on the Koinos blockchain. You can carry this information to Ethereum, an L2, or whatever chain you want--I'm just using Koinos because I believe it's the easiest way to offer an accessible experience to your users.


P.S. I've put out some promo on Twitter for BAB, so if you could help spread the word, I'd really appreciate it.