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Announcing BurnKoin.com

It's finally here! The Koinos burn pool is now live at burnkoin.com!

This is currently on testnet, but we'll be launching on mainnet as soon as it's ready. You can play around with it now if you want to learn how to use it ahead of mainnet launch.

Burn pools like this are going to be the easiest way to earn profit on your KOIN. That said, you definitely still can (and probably should) run your own node because it's not that difficult and you'll avoid the 5% fee on profit generated by the pool.

Wanna try it out? You'll need...

  1. A desktop/laptop (sorry, mobile's not supported yet)
  2. Kondor wallet installed in your browser
  3. A wallet with tKOIN in it (hit reply or message me on twitter/telegram/discord and I'll hook you up)

Then head to burnkoin.com!

This has been a very fun dApp to build, and I'm looking forward to operating the pool on mainnet. Our share of the profits generated will be used to fund development of more dApps on Koinos that improve accessibility for developers and end users. Thank you for your support!


P.S. If you do try it out, thank you! Send me any feedback on the experience so I can continue to improve it.