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3D data

Every action you take on a blockchain is public information. Blockchains are great for many things, but privacy is not guaranteed. Your only real source of privacy is anonymity. That's why so many people in the crypto space keep their identities secret.

Since data is all public, there's a ton of information available to sort through. Even if it is pseudo anonymous. Blockchains follow standard web2 user activity tracking practices across two dimensions: users and time. However, there is a third dimension which makes previously unthinkable concepts relatively simple: apps.

If you've ever used Google analytics or some other user activity tracking tool, you know how useful it is to understand how your app is actually used. But what if you could access your users' activity across all of time, including interactions with other apps and other users.

From a marketing perspective, this would allow you to identify highly targeted opportunities. If 90% of your users come to your app right after using uniswap, then an ad placement somewhere near uniswap might be very effective. If your most loyal users have a few friends in another game on chain, offering targeted referral benefits might be the trick.

Portable self custody wallets are great for users and great for businesses. This kind of analysis in web2 is only available to large companies like Google who already control all of your online activity.

Web3 gives power to the little guys.


P.S. if you're concerned about your personal data being accessible in this way, it's probably best to manage multiple wallets and identities on chain to make it more difficult to associate your activity.